A comparison between mozzarella with whey starter and mozzarella with citric acid
23 February 2016

Mozzarella with whey starter and mozzarella with citric acid: what are the differences?

Caseificio Curci describes the two products, taking into account sensory, nutritional, food and related to consumer health parameters. The mozzarella with whey starter by Caseificio Curci is characterized by the total respect of the traditional processing technique, based on fermentation by dairy bacteria. The mozzarella with citric acid, instead, is made by adding a technological adjuvant, in order to reduce the times and costs of production.

A major distinction between the two types of mozzarella consists precisely in taste. The mozzarella with citric acid has a bland taste, emphasized only by the addition of salt, due to its working process and the lack of fermentation activity.

The mozzarella with whey starter by Caseificio Curci instead has a stronger and aromatic taste.  It thus generally requires less addition of salt. From a nutritional point of view, the natural whey product has a relative value of lactose of 0.5 g %, while in a citric acid mozzarella it is equal to or greater than 1%.

After about three days from its production, the lactose value in the mozzarella with whey starter tends to decrease, falling to 0.2 g %. It appears, therefore, obvious that intolerant subjects can safely consume this product, especially when there is a low or medium-high intolerance. Where, however, the disorder appears in a more acute form, the problems related to the consumption of this product are reduced.

Moreover, from the point of view of food security, the mozzarella with whey starter is a guarantee of healthiness and genuine raw materials. In fact, the presence of lactic acid bacteria requires the absolute absence of poisons or contaminants, which may negatively affect the fermentation, and the consequent realization of the product. Caseificio Curci can boast the mozzarella with whey starter among its strengths, as recognized by the certificate of excellence achieved by its careful production. Therefore, Caseificio Curci has made a quality choice, opting for a more intense flavor and unquestionable safe raw materials, in spite of more intensive production, but lower quality. This is a tasty, healthy and better return to the past and tradition.