Mozzarella with whey starter and mozzarella with citric acid: what are the differences? Caseificio Curci describes the two products, taking into account sensory, nutritional, food and related to consumer health parameters. The mozzarella with whey starter by Caseificio Curci is characterized by the total respect of the traditional processing technique, based on fermentation by dairy […]

News, updates and products beyond Italy. Caseificio Curci chose to talk about itself in English too, to let its products spread without territorial limits. The website, designed and created by Evolware, is now available in English. The dairy company from Gioia del Colle decided to present and export its products and, above all, express its […]

We are online with a new website
7 December 2015

The colours, pictures and, with a little effort of imagination towards the taste, the flavours of our tradition. These are the elements that characterize our new website, created by Evolware, the software house from Gioia del Colle. Online from today, 7th December, our new website has been designed to shape our care and our dedication […]

An interesting meeting, focused on woman as a role and key figure in history, society and in actual contexts, will take place on Sunday 25th October at Hotel Svevo in Gioia del Colle, starting from 18. The launching pad of this event is the presentation of the latest literary effort by Alessandro Feroldi, a famous […]