Teresa Curci hosted by ArsVivens and Alessandro Feroldi
24 October 2015

An interesting meeting, focused on woman as a role and key figure in history, society and in actual contexts, will take place on Sunday 25th October at Hotel Svevo in Gioia del Colle, starting from 18. The launching pad of this event is the presentation of the latest literary effort by Alessandro Feroldi, a famous journalist and writer, employed by RAI and collaborator of numerous important newspapers, like “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”. In his book, “Le spie dell’imperatore”, a story about the journey to Jerusalem of Frederick Barbarossa, some events make the presence of two beautiful and important women particularly central and perhaps decisive in his pathway. This is the starting point of reflection for the meeting. Caseificio Curci is pleased to announce that our owner, Teresa Curci, was invited to the event, as high representative of the female gender for her merits and for her social role within the community of Gioia del Colle. A choice that gives prestige to the path followed for years by Caseificio Curci. Together with her, Angela Schena (Schena Editore), Paola Natalicchio (Mayor of Molfetta), Isa Maggio (educator, musician), Monica Marulli (athlete), Alessia Paradise (artist) and Tiziana Disabato (guest of honor) will take part in the event. The meeting will be moderated by the journalist Nadia Pavoncelli and the writer and artist Francesco Canale, assisted by the musical interludes by Alessio Giove on accordion and Ada D’Aiuto readings. The event, with free admission, was organized by Anna Pontrandolfo with the support of Schena Editore, the association “L’Aquilone Onlus” and by the cultural association ArsVivens, media partner of Gioia News event. After the meeting, you can enjoy the aperitif-dinner at the disposal of guests and audience.